*** Christmas 2005 ***

Christmas was grand this year. I was able to spend it (twice) with Jessica & Mr. Bigz,
my family, the Lasockis, the Brennans all in CT, then 'wrapping' the day with the Clarks in Malden, MA.

Good times. Click on selected pix for videos too!!

Christmas Pajama Jammie Jam

Kathleen's Foot, Buddy's happytime sleepy zzzzs

Click for Biggles Video

Nanook of the North

Click for Video

Somebody has Smartfood in her hair

Click for Video

George 'Clinton' Bigglesworth

Biggles is humming 'silent night'
Click for Video

our buddies Jason and Zuleica Clark

and the Homer Simpson 'Operation' game

| Merry Christmas | and a Happy and Healthy New Year |