Jim Larkin photo by www.craigmolway.com

Originally from Cheshire CT, Jim Larkin is a performing and recording bassist, drummer, and singer
who has most recently collaborated with artists Jesse Dee, Ryan Fitzsimmons, Hugh Mcgowan, Dana Price, Danielle Miraglia, Ryan Montbleau, Tom Bianchi, Zac Galen, Chuck Anastaziou,
Brendan Hogan, Joe Rathbone, Kevin So and many others. Listed as a go-to Boston bassist & drummer, Jim displays a depth of groove reflecting many influences including roots reggae,
soul, bluegrass, live-tronica, and American roots music.




jesse dee
ryan fitzsimmons
always naysaying
bill carleton
naomi sommers
the fair enough
dj pbj
hallas cowboys
lilli lewis
splendid nobodies
the kung fu quartet
pablo picker
dirty sanchez
ken safety’s open mike show ’96-‘98


the fair enough: self titled
bill carleton: do it yourself (currently unreleased)
bill carleton: as promised
coriander: .004
coriander: .005 (currently unreleased)
dirty sanchez: bang zoom
lilli lewis: coming of john


always naysaying
naomi sommers
hallas cowboys


Cheshire Pub - Cheshire, CT
The Space - Hamden, CT
Arch Street Tavern - Hartford, CT
The Tune In - NewHaven, CT
Toad's Place - New Haven, CT
Federal Café - Hartford, CT
Sully's Pub - Harford, CT
The Equator - Manchester, CT
The Main Pub - Manchester, CT
Donovan's Reef - North Haven, CT
The Lodge - Southbury, CT
Thirsty Turtle - Stanford, CT
The Red Door - Watertown, CT

Disney World - Orlando, FL
Sea World - Orlando, FL

- Boston, MA
Harpers Ferry
- Boston, MA
The Paradise - Boston, MA
The Middle East - Cambridge, MA
The Lizard Lounge - Cambridge, MA
Kendall Cafe - Cambridge, MA
Toad - Cambridge, MA
Green Street Grill - Cambridge, MA
All Aisa - Cambridge, MA
The MIT Coffeehouse - Cambridge, MA
The Compound - Fitchburg, MA
The Milky Way - Jamaica Plain, MA
Tufts University - Medford, MA
The Attic - Newton, MA
Land Ho! - Orleans, MA
Dodge Street Bar & Grill - Salem, MA
Kirkland Cafe - Somerville, MA
Skybar - Somerville, MA
Tammany Hall - Worcester, MA

The Ale House - Portland, ME

Mountapalooza Festival - Emmitsburg, MD
Piggy Dukes - Emmitsburg, MD
Pour House - Emmitsburg, MD
Main Street Grill - Emmitsburg, MD
Bombay Lounge - Hagerstown, MD

ACME Underground - NY, NY
Cutting Room - NY, NY
Groove - NY, NY
Lion's Den - NY, NY
Kenny's Castaways - NY,NY
Tribeca Rock Club - NY, NY

Penuche's Ale House - Concord, NH
Milly's Tavern - Manchester, NH

Earth Day Festival - Greencastle, PA
Gingerbread Man - Gettysburg, PA

J.R. Bean's - Bristol, RI
Wheel House Tavern - Narragansett, RI
The Area - Newport, RI
AS220 - Providence, RI
Century Lounge - Providence, RI
Living Room - Providence, RI
West Side Arts Soap Box Festival - Providence, RI


Dave Livolsi (John Scofield, Jazz is Dead)
"right on" Ron Ciaburri (Johnny Cash, B.B. King)

Jim Larkin - jimlarkin.com