i'm always looking for new gigs in the boston area. if you like what you hear - please get in touch.

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With The Fair Enough: Bass
Stu Dietz - guitar, Brandon Erdos - drums, Aaron Rosenthal - organ & keys

New - The Attic - Newton, MA 3.3.06- engineered/recorded by Roger Merritt
* Landlocked Blues

** Rings

The Fair Enough Debut Album Sample
You Know I'm Right
Videos - The Paradise - 5.19.05 - Boston, MA
You Know I'm Right
What Lies Within
The Undertow
Crowd Voting

Videos - Chillhouse Studios - Charlestown, MA 1.31.05
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
12.04.04 - Rehersal Jam

Live at the Attic, Newton, MA 2.20.05
I'm Ready

Live at Harpers Ferry 7.07.04
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

* Bright Eyes
**Eddie Reeves/Alex Harvey

With Bill Carleton: Bass, Drums
Live Video from Tribeca - New York, NY

Live Video from CODA New York, NY 4.9.05 -New
Word Up
Circle (end)

Live Video from AS220 Providence, RI 3.30.05
Video - Valentine
Video - Hometown

Sleepless Nights (clip): 1.04 portions recorded at Northern Living at its Finest studios Somerville, MA 1.2004
Bill Carleton - vocals, guitars & mandolin
The Outside
Drifting Through

With Naomi Sommers: Bass, Drums
Demo 1.04 recorded at American Melody Studios Guilford, CT
Naomi Sommers - vocals & guitar, Anna Wimpelberg - vocals
Hard to Love You
Painting in your Mind
Watershed Song
Fine Morning

With Coriander: Bass, Asst. Percussion
*Unreleased version recorded at Melodank Studios, Somerville, MA & the Jobarn, Rockland, MA, 2003
**Used by permission from Coriander .004 copyright 2002 Melodank Productions all rights reserved
Christian Essex - vocals & guitar, Lilli Lewis - vocals, Jonah Sacks - cello, Jim Weston - drums 2003

Northeast Performer album review.004
For Her Time **

With The Reverend: Drums

Lilly Lewis - vocals & piano, Ed Justin - saxes & flute, Charlie Barth - bass, Matt Meyer - percussion 2003 recorded at Little Dog Studios, Malden, Ma
Jimbo's Groove
www.godsofmusic.com review of Brother Child

With Danny Hallas & the Hallas Cowboys: Bass
Rev. Danny Hallas - vocals & soundboard/pulpit, Andy “The Ginch” Knight - acoustic guitar, ‘Jazzy’ Jim Weston - effected drums, ‘Money’ Mark Marinello - keyboards synths noise
Unreleased recording from the Jobarn 2.2.04 Rockland, MA
track 8
track 9
Unreleased recording from the Jobarn 2003 Rockland, MA
Miracle Day
pix vid

With DJ PBJ: Drums, Bass, Ebow
Session Clip from Northern Living at its Finest studios 3.8.03 DJ PBJ - the 1s and 2s
Sound 13

With Dirty Sanchez: Bass, Vocals
Matt Splain - guitar & vocals, James Anderson - drums, Rob Corr - Hammond organ & keys
Live @ Donovan's Reef Branford, CT 10.23.99 set 1
Taper - Matt Vallo
King of Beers
Feels so Good
Soul Power


With io4: Bass
Demo recording 2003 - Northern Living at its Finest studios Morris Escovido - guitar, Brian O’Neil - drums,
Jeremy Parker - knob twiddler & laptop
Cloud 9
111 Minna


'Spicy Meatball' Senior Thesis Mount Saint Mary's College 1999: Bass, Drums
Bryan Noll - guitar *
Hagerstown Will - bass *
My own Tutelage *
Where r u @