The Fair Enough

Rock around Boston. October 2005 - Issue #255

I heard a line on and I’m about to steal it. It reads: “One might go into a review like this
one wondering how many words will pass before Phish is brought up.” While The Fair Enough seems
to be in the process of finding its voice from that of its influences, the songs presented in this EP are
well crafted and suggest a bright future. Futhermore, the lyrics suggest a much more introspective edge
to that of the aforementioned group. The melodies, proud and beautiful are delivered with impeccable
playing. The standout track for me is certainly “The Next Big Thing”; I feel no reservations calling it an
epic sprawling masterpiece. I can’t believe I just said that. Another great track, “What Lies Within”,
features some funky synth tracks and rhythms where I’m hearing The BeeGees jamming with Steely
Dan, and that is certainly a first. Nice.

(Fillmore Slim)